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Setting Osprey Nest Platform at Fermilab (see news article below)

Postioning multiple 6" Poly Ducts for pulling into 21" Casing Pipe 15' below Railroad Tracks

Multiple 6" Poly Ducts exiting trench box after pulling under Railroad Tracks

Lowering Directional Boring equipment into excavated pit

Completed Traffic Signal and Street Lighting installation with Illuminated Street Name Signs, Bolingbrook

Setting Transformer at Distribution Substation, Batavia

Welding 6" Steel Pipe

Completed Sports Lighting installation

Traffic Signal Controller interior with Radio Telemetry and Uninteruptable Power Supply

Completed Traffic Signal Improvements with Fiber Optic Interconnect between 14 intersections in downtown Ottawa

Ornamental Street Lighting, Montgomery

Unloading Emergency Standby Generator at Lombard Sanitary Lift Station

Setting Emergency Standby Generator at Village of  Lombard Sanitary Lift Station

Central DuPage Hospital, Winfield Road Streetscape

Article from Fermilab Today January 26, 2012:

"Condo for Rent w/ Lake View; Bald Eagle or Osprey preferred tenant" Dave Shemanske, Fermilab/FNA

There is a new addition to the Nepese Marsh in the Fermilab Village, located on the east side of the site. We installed a nesting platform near the marsh, which we hope will be irresistible to a pair of Ospreys, or perhaps Bald Eagles. Dave Spleha, FNA and DuPage Birding Club member, helped to adapt designs for nesting platforms obtained from the Northwest Public Power Association in Seattle WA. The design is relatively simple, utilizing a 4 ft. by 4 ft. wooden platform and a large elevated wooden perch

For the last two years, a pair of Ospreys has successfully nested near the Main Injector accelerator in the southwestern corner of Fermilab. Data suggest that Os-prey fledglings stay within one or two miles of where they were born, so future offspring may find this new site attractive. Bald Eagles are now routinely spotted along Randall Road in Batavia, which is within easy flying distance to the Fermi-lab Village and the newly established accommodations. We hope that some large, feathered tenants will settle in this spring! (photo detail at right). Tom Eggleston of Fermilab’s Housing Depart-ment built the structure entirely from scrap wood and metal, and Thorne Electric Co., Inc. of Carol Stream volunteered the services of a skilled crew and their special truck to install it. Fermilab Roads & Grounds employees were also instrumental in completing this project. Attached to a tall utility pole, the new platform rests at a lofty altitude of approxi-mately thirty-eight feet above ground!